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Heel pain can afflict patients of all ages, but it becomes increasingly common with age. At Global Podiatry of NY & NJ, Sergey Losyev, DPM, uses advanced methods to diagnose the cause behind your heel pain and develop personalized treatment based on your specific needs.

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Heel Pain Q & A

What causes heel pain?

Your heel receives more pressure from daily activities like walking and standing than any other part of your foot. Heels are susceptible to pain because they absorb so much shock when you move.

Sometimes, tiny bony deposits called heel spurs can form along the edge of the heel bone. Bone spurs often irritate soft tissues or press into the plantar fascia, a strong band of tissue that extends across the bottom of the foot, and cause inflammation and pain. 

Other common causes of heel pain include:

  • Achilles tendinitis
  • Arthritis
  • Heel bursitis
  • Deep bruises (stone bruises)
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Heel pain can also occur when the plantar fascia becomes stiff and inflamed, causing a common condition called plantar fasciitis.

Should I visit the podiatrist for heel pain?

Pain is a sign that something isn’t right. If you’re experiencing constant heel pain, visiting the podiatrist can help you find relief.

The first step in treating heel pain is diagnosing the cause. Dr. Losyev performs a comprehensive physical examination of your heel and foot with active and passive exercises and gentle palpation.

He assesses your condition and works to pinpoint the source of painful symptoms. Sometimes, diagnostic imaging may be used to obtain additional information that can pinpoint the source.

How is heel pain treated?

After diagnosing the cause of your heel pain, Dr. Losyev develops a tailored treatment plan to eliminate your discomfort and get you back on your feet. Conservative treatments include custom orthotics to reduce pressure on the heel and support surrounding tissues, including the plantar fascia.

Other options may include splints to gently stretch the plantar fascia and improve flexibility in the bottom of the foot, or splinting/casting for Achilles tendinitis heel pain.

Targeted exercises can strengthen the heel and minimize pain, while losing excess weight can help by reducing pressure on the heel and the surrounding tissues.

Dr. Losyev also offers shockwave therapy as a treatment option for heel pain. Shockwave therapy is completely non-invasive and can offer great results for conditions like plantar fasciitis. Note that shockwave therapy isn’t covered by insurance.

Minimally invasive injections contain medications to reduce inflammation and irritation. If your heel pain doesn’t respond to conservative treatments, surgery to remove heel spurs or to address other issues may be recommended.

Don’t settle for a life with heel pain. Get an expert diagnosis at Global Podiatry of NY & NJ. Call or book online.

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